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Plo goes on a journey to destroy the core of a horrible disease that infected his girlfriend Oth. Plokoth is an atmospheric 2D platforming game set in a mysterious jungle.  

There are three areas in the game. 

Light Area

Dark Area

Psychedelic Area


For Speedrunners - can you beat the public highscore?


About the Story

The story

Plo and Oth live together in the jungle of Plokoth. 

Everything is normal until one day Oth becomes sick. She is infected by a strange disease. 

So, after she leaves her body behind in a sort of coma state she follows Plo in form of a ghost to find a cure for the disease. 

As they go into the forest they find it contaminated, too. 

And as they reach the Plipi tribe they see that it is infected with the disease as well. 

So they need to go even deeper into the forest to destroy it. 

Some time passes. And one day, already deep in the jungle, Oth’s spirit becomes weaker and Plo started to lose all hope. And he wonders if he will ever get his girlfriend back. 


Artists: Juli's InstagramSam's InstagramJonas' Instagram

Programmer: Jan's Website 

Sound by Lucas Wolf 


Updated 9 days ago
Release date 33 days ago
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Atmospheric, celeste, Colorful, Fantasy, jungle, ori, Singleplayer, Speedrun, story
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Please More platforms like Linux or Mac


Visuals are simply amazing. But the controls, not so much. Also the colliders of the spikes and all seem to be too accurate, Usually is slightly smaller than the collider so that the player has a chance to see what happened(How the player was killed in this case). Maybe this was intended.

Personally the controls are what bummed me out the most. Still tho amazing visuals good job!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :)


This looks promising!

It looks like the pitch was "Celeste in Ori's world", which is nice, but a liiiittle bit obvious for now.

But instance, I would dig Samuel "Bill Cone-esque" sense of colour to add a unique twist to it.

Also, because you all seem to draw, I would add more cinematics (I know it's time consuming but...)

And I agree with the others, I would spend more time on the controls.

I wish you good luck!


I like the concept, but 2 things make this game not worth more than free, at least for now :
-no menu, impossible to pause the game, change key mappings, or get access to settings like sound.
-the controls are very clunky, especially the wall jump.
You need to be pressing left to wall jump to the right and vice-versa.
This goes against instinct : press left to go left

If all this was fixed, i would have enjoyed this game much more and maybe even finished it. As is, selling this would only bring bad rep, as many would probably feel a bit cheated that they paid for a worse platformer than some of the free ones out there.



i probably would like the game more if it wasn't just a blatant rip-off of celeste. still a fun game though.

I wish it worked on mac


This really looks like Ori and the Blind forest, I'll try it.


Looks nice, feels nice. Very great job.

Can't change the key bindings...


if you have a bad pc the game might freeze your whole pc. Just a heads up! Great game thou! Lovely graphics


Lovely little game with awesome levels and art! Nice job, wish you the best luck to hit the milestone! ^^

One question though: Why isn't there a main menu to pause the game, and the option to exit it? Shouldn't be too hard to implement, and sometimes one needs to catch a quick breath in between all the harder passages (*sweaty palms*) to get the speed running right ;)


Thanks for the nice words :) A menu is the very first thing on our list for an update. Sadly our programmer is very busy atm so it will probably take some time until that will be implemented.

A menu and the option to continue your previous game would be welcome. I'm a decent gamer but apparently not that good in platformers, I need breaks :D

The level design looks like Ori and The Blind Forrest. Cool


I like the level design and graphics but honestly my left hand aches right now

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I finished the game in 9 minutes in Arcade Mode! 

And I found a bug as you can see in video at 6:10.  There was no place to go. After death the next scene appeared! 


Awesome, you were pretty fast!! Oh, that sucks - usually the scene loads faster. 


Thanks! I really enjoyed the game!


Art - 8/10 super good. Style and theming all on point

Sound - 5 / 10 nothing stands out as good or bad

Gameplay.... 3 / 10, Honestly feels pretty bad. I've made better feeling character movement in tutorial projects, and I'm not a game dev by any means. Biggest shortcoming of this game TBH, clunky animations and stiff movement makes for a jarring experience and contrasts the otherwise BEAUTIFUL feel of this game really poorly.

Story - honestly didn't manage to play long enough to tell if there was a story or not

I'd say as a free game it's a 4 or 5 / 10, but it doesn't feel polished enough to sell to someone


Very cool! Awesome that it is released under the LGPLv3 with CC BY assets. Can you tell us where the code/asset repository is?

no les recuerda un poco ah hollow knight


Very nice!  I shared it on Twitter!  Looking forward to seeing more of it.


Thanks so much! :)


This was as brutal as it was beautiful and I loved every single second of it (even though I also hated it at the same time!) Really great job!!

Thanks a lot!! ;)

Why dont work with gamepad ?? How i do to game exit ??

Its a shame I cant play this on Mac, it looks like such a wonderful game!

art is best


#ori and the blind forest

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I'm Stuck!
How do I get up There?
Also: I don't understand the drawing on the rock..

you just got a dash! when you're playing on a keyboard press j to dash. also you can use wasd to direct the dash. so in this case try to dash up :) good luck!


Love the art! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the controls for PC though. How do you double jump?

Well, there is no double jump ;) However you'll get a dash. k=jump, j=dash, use wasd to control the dash. you can also go vertically. hope that helps! : 

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You should add a way to configure the game's controls.. So people don't get confuzzled! :D


i hope u get alot of money from this donation thing

I hope so too ^^ 


How do you double jump on pc?

Well, there is no double jump ;) However you'll get a dash. k=jump, j=dash, use wasd to control the dash. you can also go vertically. hope that helps! : )

Oh, thanks man! Also, I like how you reply to almost every comment :) What a good man. Hope you get your 200$ goal soon!

Graphic 9/10 soo cool

Gameplay 5/10 does not satisfy.

And medium games.


What a nice art

Thanks! :)


Gorgeous art. Kinda reminds me of Rayman Origins.

Thanks! :)

lol, I thought the same exact thing! haha

Please. Add Customizable keymapping... having [K] on dash makes the game unplayable as I prefer the arrow keys.


Sell It on Steam!


Yup, it's gonna happen soon ;)



uknow what this deserves more then 100$ this deserves 1000$


Get this to 100$




This game is amazing! Really awesome background art and the game is very challenging! Great job!


Hey, thanks so much for sharing!! :)

Sorry if I'm asking too many Questions I'm just curious


How did you add the goal slider?

what do you mean by that ;)

I mean the money goal thing.

Ah I see. You need to set your game as not for free and then you can make sales. In this case it's a 100% sale. there's a setting where you can set goals as well. You'll see it once youre in the sales settings. :)



Nice game ♥

Thanks!! :  )


Seems to be great, but only for Windows... and Linux?

Yes, so far only for Windows. 

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